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Have you every been standing around the water cooler at your office, and listened to all the conversations? They pretty much go like this:

You know… if my manager would just listen to ME, if the Owner just did this or that, or the government would only just step-in and make this a law and fix IT, or even… my friends and family don’t understand, and if only our neighbors would not!

Nothing ever gets solved around the water cooler, until someone takes ACTION… hence the “CyberHood Watch Magic Wand” was bestowed.

Take up the CyberHood Watch – and make it so – wave the wand, and make that one change occur to make things better… What would that be?

We recently bestowed the “CyberHood Watch Magic Wand” to some of our CHW guests and here are their “direct quotes“. Over the last 2 years we’ve had some of the worlds best & brightest professionals, industry leaders, governmental leaders, and concerned parents from all walks of life. All of these guests have joined the good fight with The CHW Partners!

CHW Quotes


We recently bestowed the “CyberHood Watch Magic Wand” to Amy Bush, and here is the exact quote:

Recorded live on 11/03/2009 and the Quote Timestamp is: 59:30 – 01:00:22

That all life would be respected and honored, for the valuable life that it is… especially for our children!   just keep doing what you’re doing, and know that you can do it… if you need to make a change :)

Thanks Amy for your great and simple answer and deep insight…

Click on the podcast image if you would like to listen to the complete interview.





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