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Who’s Peering Through Your Neighbor’s PC Window?

The CHW Dream is Born!!!

Have you every been standing around the water cooler at your office, and listened to all the conversations? They pretty much go like this:

You know… if my manager would just listen to ME, if the Owner just did this or that, or the government would only just step-in and make this a law and fix IT, or even… my friends and family don’t understand, and if only our neighbors would not!

Nothing ever gets solved around the water cooler, until someone takes ACTION… hence the “CyberHood Watch Magic Wand” was bestowed.


At the end of every show Dave and Bill get the opportunity to live The Dream. We pass The “CHW Magic Wand” to each of our guests and ask them to share with our audience, their most personal thoughts on:
“Only IF” you could change ONE thing what would that be?

This is one of our most favorite things we get to do, each week… because as you well know, when someone puts their mind to “IT” anything is possible!!

To See All Of the “CyberHood Watch Magic Wand” [Quotes]

Think and Grow Rich, is one of my favorite books and in this foundational (success) books core is this principle, and it’s one of the most over looked success principles in life, your mind has the power to change the world… and you better believe our guests are very sure what they would do if they had a Magic Wand… and exactly what they would change, with it… please digg into this website and find all the Golden Nuggets of wisdom from all of our esteemed guests, and how they are making a difference, everyday!

Over 225 Interviews during the past 3 years check out what concerned parents, industry professionals, business and government leaders have shared with the CyberHood Watch audience, there thousands of resources, ideas and tips that are contained in our FREE audio library below…  Just click the year, and get started by listening  :)   and becoming a part of our growing CHWR family!

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Where “YOU” Want To Be A Part Of The Hood! The CHW Partners, Dave Ballard & Bill Wardell invite you to join with them every Tuesday & Thursday morning at 11:00 am MST for the CyberHood Watch live radio show…

Dave & Bill discuss and create (awareness) of the Internet security issues of the day relating to your children, families, businesses, personal privacy and the new broadband (communication) channel of the digital age! CHWRWhere Neighbors, Friends And Families Are The Best Part!

CyberHood Watch Radio

Our guests answers are almost always the same, “Communication”!!  Getting people to talk to one another and work towards a common goal, seems simple enough but there-in lies the problem, it is that simple Communication is what it takes to get started, and then hard work changes the lives of many!

Start Communicating Join Us Every Tuesday Morning @ 11:00 am MST
as we discuss Parenting in the year 2010 and beyond… Sometimes more importantly how we can improve on Keeping Our Children Safe, and all the Internet Security Issues of the day relating to your children, families, homes, PC’s and mobile communication devices…

Where You Want To Be A Part Of The Hood! And Neighbors, Friends, And Families Are The Best Part! Click player below, and listen to:

Who’s Peering Through Your Neighbor’s PC Window?

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