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If Only and What If

by dballard on May 18, 2008

There was a time, although I never experienced the event, of standing around a water cooler exchanging opinions with fellow co-workers. However, it’s a memory played out in my mind, which feels familiar, either from seeing it on television, books, or a magazine.

Picture a few employees enjoying the moment together around the water cooler. There is a mutual respect and a genuine interest for one another and their ideals. Invariably, the only few minutes they have is typically finalized with an, “if only” and “what if” comment. Many worlds and world industries have been saved because of the great so-called, water cooler questions: “if only” and “what if”.
Businessman and businesswoman standing at water cooler.
Do employees even talk around the water coolers anymore…Today it’s IM – Twitter – Texting, but the idea of those water cooler question “if only” this manager, that department, the boss, the government would only do this, then everyone would be better off.

However, the CyberHood Watch Magic Wand is no trivial virtual stick. The combination of the CHW magic wand while in the possession of a CHWradio Authority Guest, like today’s guest, will dispense the magic of years of wisdom to empower our visitors for years to come.

At the close of the CHWradio show, The CyberHood Watch partners, Dave & Bill, present their guest with the CHW Magic Wand. Dave & Bill’s guest is presented an opportunity to verbalize that one change, anything, which will ultimately effect a positive outcome…What would your one change be?

Be sure you are holding the right end of the stick…A wand for those whose words are magic.

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