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Where “YOU” Want To Be A Part Of The Hood! The CHW Partners, Dave Ballard & Bill Wardell invite you to join with them every Tuesday & Thursday morning at 11:00 am MST for the CyberHood Watch live radio show…

Dave & Bill discuss and create (awareness) of the Internet security issues of the day relating to your children, families, businesses, personal privacy and the new broadband (communication) channel of the digital age! CHWRWhere Neighbors, Friends And Families Are The Best Part!

CyberHood Watch Radio

Our CHWR live show hit a another milestone we just concluded our 3rd year anniversary in the moth of February, with over 225 hours recorded interviews and over 130,000 listens, views and downlands to our show very cool… we just passed 130,175 Profile Views, Friends, Followers, downloads & Listens to the CHWR!  as of the 28th of February, and we are one of the top shows on the web for family safety!!

Stop by the CyberHood Watch (CHWR) live radio show!  Tues – Thurs @ 11 am mst.

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