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CHWR Radio Shows 2011

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Where “YOU” Want To Be A Part Of The Hood! The CHW Partners, Dave Ballard & Bill Wardell invite you to join with them every Tuesday & Thursday morning at 11:00 am MST for the CyberHood Watch live radio show…

Dave & Bill discuss and create (awareness) of the Internet security issues of the day relating to your children, families, businesses, personal privacy and the new broadband (communication) channel of the digital age! CHWRWhere Neighbors, Friends And Families Are The Best Part!

3/3/2011 James P. Krehbiel, Troubled Childhood, Triumphant Life
3/2/2011 Yalda T. Uhls, Parenting In The Digital Age
3/1/2011 Suzanne Stanford, Internet Safety Coach Is Keeping Our Children Safe
2/24/2011 Balancing Tech Skills with Life Skills With Lisa Shaw, SpectorSoft
2/22/2011 Growing Up Digital With The CyberHood Watch Partners!
2/18/2011 Joyce Brocaglia “Cyber Security School Challenge”
2/17/2011 Growing Up Digital Howard A. Sherman “The King of All Geeks” In The CyberHood Today!
2/16/2011 A Look At Growing Up Digital from the Perspective of 20 Somethings!
2/15/2011 No Excuses! Are Our Teens Being Wrongly Influenced By The Media? Signs Your Teen Could Be In Trouble
2/10/2011 David Sabine, Mimi Donaldson & Kristin Andress A Very Special Valentines Day
2/9/2011 Law Enforcements View: Growing Up Digital and Protecting Our Children From Cyber Crimes
2/8/2011 Jeff Hudson – CEO Venafi Digital Certificate Management & Encryption Key Management
2/3/2011 Are your Resolutions based on Common Sense or Common Drugs? with Alex Nikmanesh, Pharm.D.
2/2/2011 Rodd Lucier, The Clever Sheep… Growing Up Digital: Lessons Learned & Gifts Received
2/1/2011 Can Kids Balance Tech Skills and Life Skills? with Marla Rosner
1/27/2011 Telling the Promoters from the Predators, with David Sabine, Ph.D
1/26/2011 Stop. Think. Connect. Do You Know The Risks That Face Your Child? Catherine Teitelbaum, Yahoo
1/25/2011 Law & Order With Parents and Teens: Growing Up Digital In The Online World
1/18/2011 Sustainable Resolutions for 2011 with Kristin Andress
1/12/2011 The Hidden Story of America’s Prostituted Children and the Battle to Save Them, by Julian Sher
1/11/2011 2011 What’s Happening in The CyberHood, and what to watch for in the New Year!
1/5/2011 National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month with Michelle Bart
1/4/2011 Teaching Children to Value Face-to-Face Friendships Offline with Marilyn Randall




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