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CHWR Radio Shows 2010

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Where “YOU” Want To Be A Part Of The Hood! The CHW Partners, Dave Ballard & Bill Wardell invite you to join with them every Tuesday & Thursday morning at 11:00 am MST for the CyberHood Watch live radio show…

Dave & Bill discuss and create (awareness) of the Internet security issues of the day relating to your children, families, businesses, personal privacy and the new broadband (communication) channel of the digital age! CHWRWhere Neighbors, Friends And Families Are The Best Part!

12/28/2010 Rita Lee LLoyd is Surviving the 21st Century as a Suddenly Single Over Forty Female.
12/23/2010 Aaron Snyder, (Former) Patient, Certified Trainer, Nutritional Consultant and Author
12/21/2010 Healthy Eating for the Holiday’s and New Years with Dr. D’Adamo
12/8/2010 Marc Maiffret, eEye Digital Security Announces a free Zero Day Scanner
12/7/2010 Human Software Engineering, It’s Not What You Think!
11/30/2010 Does good publishing inspire us and our children to read and write?
11/23/2010 Mimi Donaldson Talks About Creating A Family Team Spirit
11/16/2010 John Nelson, Bookstore Bandit & Bank Robber turned author and prison expert …
11/12/2010 Winn Schwartau, Mobile Active Defense, Shares TIps on How to Avoid Craigs List Scams this Holiday Se
11/11/2010 SocialShield Helps Alleviate The Worry Parents Have With Their Kids On Social Networks
11/10/2010 You’ve just found your IT company. MDL Worry Free Computer Support
11/9/2010 Buzzy Martin, Don’t Shoot I’m the Guitar Man
11/5/2010 Voting Video, Four Easy Steps to VOTE For The CHW Partners Pepsi Project!
11/4/2010 Claudia Broome Talks About CyberBullying & The character of Rugby Jones
11/2/2010 Keeping Your Personal HealthCare Records Safe with Charla Spence
10/29/2010 San Diego Diocese releases priests’ records in sex abuse cases…
10/28/2010 Mary Kay Hoal with BIG Announcements for Yoursphere!
10/27/2010 Jayne Hitchcock, Halt Abuse: Stop Online Abuse!
10/26/2010 Debra Geister Teaches Preventing ID Theft and Protecting Your Online Environment!
10/21/2010 October Is NCSAM, Krystle Nicole Russin and Rochelle Peachey Teaching US How To Stay Safe Online!
10/20/2010 Lyn Chitow Oakes, Trusted ID Chief Marketing Officer
10/19/2010 2000 Teens + Parents = A Practical Guide To Keeping Kids Safe Online…
10/14/2010 IT IS Twenty 10 and it’s NIGHT, Do You Know Where Children Are?
10/13/2010 Ryan Van Cleave, Discusses His Journey Into The Dark Side of Gaming!
10/12/2010 Cyber & Sexting Laws: What Can And Should Be Done To Update Them
10/7/2010 Financial Serial Killers Inside the World of Wall Street Money Hustlers, Swindlers, and Con Men
10/6/2010 Daryl Hulce, FBI-SOS Talks About Safe Online Surfing!
10/5/2010 Robert Goldman, J.D., Psy.D –
9/30/2010 Debit Card Fraud – Tips to Avoid Being Scammed
9/29/2010 Protecting Children From Predators and Pedophiles
9/28/2010 CyberBullying & Abusive Relationships, Tips on What Parents Should Know
9/24/2010 YOU CAN’T TELL BY LOOKING, who the sexual predators and perpetrators are. Period.
9/23/2010 Modern Day Slavery is in your backyard, and yes, right here in America.
9/22/2010 Alix Strauss, Death Becomes Them
9/21/2010 Will Marling, National Organization for Victim Assistance
9/16/2010 ICAC – CyberBullying and Sextortion, What Parents Need to Know
9/14/2010 Bob Hamer, Enemies Among Us
9/8/2010 Trend Micro Announces Today, Brand New Product Called Titanium on CHWR!
9/7/2010 Get A Reality Check with Larry Lawton Today on CHWR
9/2/2010 Be a Hero to Your Kids and Teach Them What’s Important with Just One Story at a Time.
8/31/2010 Keeping Our Children Safe and Secure Online
8/25/2010 Scams, Scams and More Scams – Gregory Evans Shares His Top Tips!
8/24/2010 Fran Maier, TRUSTe & the Facebook Privacy Debate with Dave and Bill
8/19/2010 New Software Technology That Puts a STOP to Rent Scams on
8/18/2010 Back to School: Brain Foods & Tips to Help Parents Create a Better Eating Regiment for Children
8/17/2010 Raj Goel, BrainLink Meets With Dave and Bill Today In The CyberHood
8/12/2010 Managed PC Care, What You Need To Know With Dave and Bill
8/10/2010 Mike Logan, Axis Technology – Life’s a Breach, IT Summertime Data Issues…
8/3/2010 Gary Bahadur, KRAA Security CEO – Talks About Risk Assessment, Vulnerabilities and Website Security
7/29/2010 Social Media: What You Don’t Know Can Hurt Your Kids With Marvin Dejean
7/28/2010 Jason Lavender Talks About Personal & Business ID Theft Solutions You Can Use Now!
7/27/2010 Silver Lake Publishing – Jim Walsh, Practical Privacy Info For 2010 & Beyond
7/22/2010 Robert Siciliano In The CyberHood Again To Share Security Tips & Advice On McAfee Protection!
7/20/2010 Personal & Business ID Theft Solutions You Can Use Now!
7/15/2010 Greg Reber President Of San Francisco-Based AsTech Consulting, Joins Dave and Bill Today!
7/13/2010 Marc Maiffret, founder of eEye Digital Security Joins Dave and Bill
7/8/2010 Peter Felgentreff, NCP Engineering Talks With Dave and Bill
7/6/2010 Ira Winkler Will Share About Internet Security, Privacy and related issues.
7/1/2010 The Need for Better Online Protection for Our Children
6/30/2010 – It allows parents to monitor their children’s activity on websites like Facebook…
6/29/2010 Dave and Bill Interview Daniel Mohan – ID Watchdog – President, COO
6/23/2010 What Will Happen To Your Digital Assets After You’re Gone?
6/22/2010 Stanley Holditch, Internet Safety, Visits CHW
6/16/2010 Steven Domenikos shares his Top 10 Tips for Avoiding Identity Theft in 2010
6/15/2010 How the Average Consumer Can Easily Protect Themselves & Make Smarter Decisions Online
6/10/2010 Tom Stone & Wayne Ivey for LifeLock
6/9/2010 What Consumers Need to Know About Antivirus Software & How To Stay Protected
6/8/2010 Consumer Policy: What You Should Know ABout Online Safety & Privacy with Debra Berlyn
6/3/2010 Will Transform How Parents Protect Their Children Online By Monitoring The Web!
6/1/2010 shhhhhhh it’s a Secret, Beware What You Share
5/27/2010 LifeLock | Identity Theft Trends & Folds of Honor
5/26/2010 Robert Siciliano, Consultant to Intelius,,, Talks with Dave & Bill
5/25/2010 Is Your Teen Being SMART… When using their Smart Phone’s & Web Applications?
5/18/2010 Cyber Crime Awareness and Security for your Home, Family, PC and Business
5/11/2010 April Showers, May Flowers, Summertime Blues!
5/4/2010 Ally Loprete, Founder and CEO of Our Milk Money
4/27/2010 Adam J. Schwebach Ph.D. Texting, Sexting, Cyberbullying!
4/20/2010 James Kouril, Idaho ICAC Visits The CyberHood
4/13/2010 Spring Break 2010 with Dave and Bill
4/6/2010 Peggy Moss Will Say Something & The CyberHood Watch Community Is Listening
3/30/2010 An Internet Specialist as USA CyberDodo Ambassador – Kasmore Rhedrick
3/23/2010 Yes you can live the life you dream about worry free with… Princess Clark-Wendel
3/17/2010 FREE is Good, and Free Online Security Is… Even BETTER!!
3/16/2010 Chris Duque, Internet Safety Awards… Aloha, Dave and Bill
3/9/2010 THE DIGITAL PANDEMIC: Reestablishing Face-to-Face Contact in the Electronic Age, Mack R. Hicks, Ph.D
3/4/2010 Take The Pepsi Challenge With Dave and Bill…
3/2/2010 Higher Thinking With Line Brunet and Life Coaching in The CyberHood!
2/23/2010 Can You Take Candy From Consequential Strangers?
2/16/2010 Special Report: PC Pandora Helps Find Daughter Who Ran Away With An 18-Year-Old Boy
2/9/2010 Jacob Anderson’s IS Keeping Kids Safe Online
2/2/2010 Founder Mary Kay Hoal Visits The CyberHoodsphere
1/26/2010 Karrie G. Karahalios, Siebel Center for Computer Science
1/19/2010 Gary and Joy Lundberg Share Tips For Communicating Effectively At Home…
1/12/2010 The Internet Safety 101: Empowering Parents Program with Donna Rice Hughes
1/5/2010 Dave and Bill Interview with Derek VanLuchene




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