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CHWR Staff

Bill Wardell
Wardell, Bill – Host, Managing Producer

Producers do a range of things…voice work, editing, writing…some do all the commercial work for the station, some do the sweepers and promos that run on the station, and some work on radio shows – Bill does all this and more!

The producer’s job is different for every show, Bill is always on air and introduces the weekly show, produces “best of” type shows, creates show promos, runs the boards, runs interference with sales and promotions staff, and much more as his partner and staff will tell you.

Ballard, Dave – Co-Host, Executive Director

Dave Ballard

Dave is’s co-host and personality. Dave and Bill host the CHWR live show every Tuesday morning. Dave makes sure our guests are treated with the utmost respect… and he also makes sure that the show runs smoothly, that includes answering questions in the chat area and monitoring the shows Q&A outline (prepared by the CHWR Staff). Dave’s primary responsibility is to make sure that we have been given all the current info around the CyberHood such news, hot of the presses stories, Internet Security information.

The Executive Director is responsible for all day to day management activities of the CyberHood Watch including the hiring and supervising of office and managerial staff; implementing policy and business planning; overseeing fundraising and development activities; supervising production and distribution of national programming; working with the other staff etc.

Anissa Wardell

Wardell, Anissa – Publicity, Acting Program Director

Anissa is the behind-the-scenes boss at CyberHood Watch radio. In the broadcast business, the program director is the boss (shhh). Anissa oversees every facet of our weekly broadcast and handles details that no other staff member handles. First and foremost, Anissa is responsible for the entire on-air experience of the station.

This means, that she sets the tone for the station. The overall sound or theme of our show and station is created by Anissa, our Program Director. A successful program director gains ratings and accolades…And, boy, does she do this well! Anissa also, handles all the publicity for The CyberHood Watch Partners Dave and Bill, including show bookings.


Jensen, Jennifer “JJ” – Research Director, Web Intern

Jennifer helps (CHWR) CyberHood Watch radio, make sense of the ratings and qualitative data for management, programming, promotion, and especially sales! “JJ” Creates interest and buzz on the web for the live show, and also helps with day to day research for show topics, guests, and issues of child safety and Online Security for our CHW family and friends, and loyal followers around the world!



To Contact The (CHWR) Radio Staff, please all send inquires and/or show questions [here] or to Request Radio Interview, [click here]




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C. Dwayne Shafer, MD, PhD November 24, 2009 at 6:48 pm

I have been in medicine for 30 years, MD from UT-Houston, FP Residency from Baylor College of Medicine, Fellow of American Academy of Pediatrics and Amer Acad of Family Physicians. Awards in teaching, frequent speaker. I was put on your Tweet follow list. I write on Economics, History, Homeschooling, Parenting, Politics, Medicine, Medical Reform and Spiritual growth (along with gardening).

The main purpose of this note is to tell you of Debra Atkisson Kowalski, MD, a Boarded Adult, Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist; one of the few Pediatric/Adolescent doctors in the Texas Metroplex. She is heavily weighted toward family involvement to re-establish behavior, overcome obstacles, etc. She frequently teaches in churches on Family/Parent/Child issues. She is an out-spoken Christian Conservative mother, who only practices medicine 3 days/week, so she can spend the rest of the time with her daughter and her husband. She would be excellent to solicit a blog or phone/on-line discussion with on your show. Her office phone is 817-735-4430 (push ’0′ to cut thru menu). Her fax is 817-735-4565. Office is open Tues, Wed, Thurs. I have known her since September 5, 1978 as a personal friend, and have referred many patients to her. She feels that parents, not the state, has the primary responsibility for the child. She is starting to blog on these subjects, but would be excellent on-line. She did her MD at Texas Tech, Residency in Kansas at Meninger Clinic. (You should read Karl Meninger’s book, Whatever Became of Sin?, in which he proposes that if the Christian ministry had not “abrogated its responsibilities” there would have been no place or opportunity for the field of Psychiatry to develop.)

Sincerely, C. Dwayne Shafer, MD, PhD, Stephenville, Texas

Home – 254-968-6511
Cell – 254-592-1251

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