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CHW Authors Page 2012 – 2013

Just Released books by our guests that includes “2012 – 2013″ you can also, see our other Authors Pages here: 2007 – 2010 and 2010 – 2011 for all the past CHW Authors and their books, that have been highlighted on the CyberHood Watch Live Radio Show.

Winter 2012 Kickoff… Neil McNerney, as a school counselor, and a licensed counselor in private practice, I have seen many kids and their parents struggle with homework issues. In the last twenty years I have developed a technique that has helped hundreds of families deal with issues of motivation, student stress, disorganization, and a number of other things that get in the way of doing well in school.

I hope my book: “Homework – A Parent’s Guide to Helping Out without Freaking Out!” will show you a clear plan to increasing your child’s success while decreasing your own frustration.

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Spring 2012 Kickoff… Coming Soon!

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With over 5 years worth of interviews we have had the pleasure of having 400 guests on our radio show. To see who our guests have been, see our Cyberhood Alumni page. Also, see our 2007 – 2010 and 2010 – 2011 Authors Pages for past authors.

Thanks to all the authors that have joined us in the past, we have enjoyed your presence and welcome you back at any time. And to the all authors that want to get their message out to a much wider audience through The CyberHood Watch Network with Dave and Bill.  Please contact us, by filling out the Radio Show Request form to get started.



And thanks to amazon for making available these wonderful tools so we can share all our CHW Authors, with all of you!

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